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If you own a pool, you can discover that manually applying pool covers is challenging or tiresome, especially if you use them frequently. They may not always fit properly, they occasionally tear, and they do not always offer the best long-term protection for a pool. Because they offer a number of advantages that manual pool covers simply can’t match, automatic pool covers are a great investment you can make to address this problem. They do a better job of keeping dirt and debris out, they work quickly and effectively, and they spare you the inconvenience of having to apply a pool cover yourself. They can also help you maintain your pool cleaner. If you’re unsure whether investing in a high-quality automated pool cover is worthwhile when you can opt to use a manual pool cover instead, don’t worry. You’ll discover in the sections that follow why switching to automated pool covers will be a great benefit to you.

They Work By Themselves

The most evident benefit of automated pool covers is that they perform 90% of the work on their own after installation. You don’t need to drag the pool cover across your driveway before fastening it. The automatic pool cover is easy to use and always works well. It just slides in and out of position.

Because manual pool covers put on differently every time, you never have to worry about it becoming trapped or coming loose, which can occasionally happen.

They Make It Easier To Keep Your Pool Clean

It’s more difficult for dirt and debris to get into the pool because automatic pool covers generally do a better job of covering pools than their manual counterparts. As a result, when you do need to clean the pool, it will be generally simpler to do so. In this way, the automatic pool cover helps you save time and money.

They Can Remove The Need For Fences

Depending on where you reside, a fence surrounding a pool is frequently required by the county or municipal for safety reasons. Although you don’t want your pool to pose a risk to kids or animals, you might not enjoy the notion of putting up a fence. An automatic pool cover could be a good option in this situation.

You should find out which counties or cities in your area allow automated pool covers to take the place of fences because not all of them do. Even if you still need a fence, automatic pool covers are excellent. However, the possibility of not needing a fence is a very alluring incentive to purchase an automated pool cover.

They Can Help Heat Your Pool

Automatic pool covers are wonderful for folks who enjoy swimming in warmer pool water since they heat a pool more effectively than conventional pool covers and solar pool covers.

Consider that you dislike your pool’s water being too warm. If so, you might perceive this as a negative. However, the sun’s intensity and the ambient temperature outside will have a significant impact on how warm your pool gets.

Your pool may become almost too hot in regions that experience severe heat at certain periods of the year. The automatic pool covers won’t heat your pool to uncomfortable levels, though, unless certain conditions exist.

They Are More Expensive Than Manual Pool Covers

An automatic pool cover is not cheap to purchase. Automatic pool covers are by far the most expensive pool covers, outpacing sliding deck covers in price. A solar pool cover can cost between $800 and $1,000, while the typical winter pool cover can range in price from $50 to $300.

Compare that to the cost of an automatic pool cover, which typically ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. The hefty cost of an automatic pool cover is something you should be aware of even if you definitely receive your money’s worth.

They Require More Maintenance To Be Kept Up

An automatic pool cover requires more maintenance than a standard pool cover since it requires more work to repair if it breaks. This is not to imply that you will always have technical problems with an automatic pool cover, but because it is a more complex piece of equipment than a standard pool cover, it will always take longer to remedy any problems it may have.

Fortunately, you can frequently delegate that work to experts who are familiar with automated pool covers. Of course, since repair services are never free, it will also cost you money.

Can you walk on an automatic pool cover?

According to the pool cover. Some surfaces are good for walking, while others are not. To find out which is the situation, you can always inquire with the firm that installed the pool cover.

How long do automatic pool covers last?

Automatic pool coverings have a lifespan of up to 7 years if they are properly maintained and cared for. Thankfully, once you’ve done it a few times, pool upkeep is not really challenging.

How much does a mesh pool cover cost?

On average, a mesh pool cover costs $1,500-$3,000.

How can I cover my pool cheaply?

Investing in a basic winter pool cover is the most affordable option to protect your pool. They are a good cost-effective choice for covering a pool while spending less money because they can be purchased for as little as $50.

Despite all the information we’ve covered here, it might be difficult to decide if an automatic pool cover is the best option for you. Before making a choice, you must carefully weigh a variety of considerations, and rushing the process is the worst thing you can do. You should therefore take your time and conduct the necessary research first.

Our automatic pool cover system works with a wide range of pools, and we provide several installation options to provide your pool the greatest, most durable protection. If you’re interested in an electric cover as an alternative, we also offer such.

Request a quote from us immediately, and we’ll work quickly to get you set up with the best pool cover possible.

  • Enhanced safety by preventing accidental falls into the pool.
  • Reduced evaporation of water and chemicals, leading to lower maintenance costs.
  • Increased energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and reducing the need for heating.
  • Protection against debris, leaves, and insects, keeping the pool cleaner.
  • Extended swimming season since the cover helps retain heat in colder months.

An automatic pool cover typically operates through a motor-driven roller system. The cover is made of durable materials and is controlled with a key or push-button switch. The motor rolls or unrolls the cover over the pool, either partially or completely, providing a protective barrier.

Various types of pools can be equipped with an automatic pool cover, including in-ground pools, above-ground pools, and even some commercial swimming pools.

It is recommended to seek professional assistance for installing an automatic pool cover. Professionals have the expertise to ensure proper installation, functionality, and safety.

The cost of installing an automatic pool cover can vary depending on factors such as the size of the pool, type of cover, and additional features. It is best to obtain quotes from reputable suppliers or professionals for an accurate estimate.

Yes, there are different styles and designs available for automatic pool covers. They can range from solid covers to mesh covers, and some even offer additional aesthetic options to blend with your pool surroundings.

Regular maintenance for an automatic pool cover involves keeping it clean and free from debris. Periodic inspections are also necessary to ensure proper functioning of components such as the motor, cover fabric, and tracks.

Automatic pool covers are designed with safety features to prevent accidents. They can offer a high level of safety for children and pets when properly maintained, closed, and secured.

Yes, an automatic pool cover can help with heating and energy efficiency. By covering the pool, it reduces heat loss through evaporation and keeps the water warmer for longer periods. This can lead to energy savings and lower heating costs.

Automatic pool covers can be purchased from specialized pool equipment suppliers, reputable online retailers, or professional pool contractors. It is advisable to compare options, read reviews, and choose a reliable source for purchase.

The lifespan of an Automatic Pool Cover can vary but typically ranges from 5 to 15 years, depending on the quality of the cover material, maintenance routine, and environmental factors.

To clean an Automatic Pool Cover, gently remove any debris using a soft broom or hose. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools that may damage the cover material. Use a mild detergent and water solution for tougher stains or spots.

Choosing the right size of an Automatic Pool Cover is crucial for proper functionality. Measure the dimensions of your pool accurately, including length, width, and any unique features. Consult with a pool cover supplier or professional to ensure the cover fits securely and provides adequate coverage.

Opening and closing an Automatic Pool Cover is typically done using a control system or key switch that operates the motorized system. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific cover model to properly open and close it.

If you encounter common issues with an Automatic Pool Cover, such as the cover not opening or closing smoothly, motor malfunctions, or track misalignment, it is recommended to consult with a pool cover specialist. They can troubleshoot the problem and provide the necessary repairs or adjustments.

While there are some smart home systems that allow you to control various aspects of your home from your phone, its not common for this functionality to be available specifically through WhatsApp. However, certain manufacturers may offer their own specific apps for controlling their automatic pool covers.

Yes, an automatic pool cover can save money by reducing evaporation (therefore saving on water and chemical costs) and retaining heat (saving on heating costs). It also keeps debris out of the pool which reduces cleaning time and maintenance costs.

Yes, extreme temperatures can impact the performance and lifespan of your auto-cover. Cold weather may make some materials brittle while hot conditions could potentially damage electronic components. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines regarding safe operating temperatures.

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