PoolLock V5 Manual Easy Glide Safety Cover

PoolLock V5 Manual Easy Glide Safety Cover​

The PoolLock V5 Handbook Easy Glide Security Cover stands out as an enhanced option compared to other manual systems available for purchase. Its standout feature is the integrated gear (ratio of 4:1) within the mechanism. To open the cover, users simply turn a crank handle designed like a key, and it can also be easily removed, adding an excellent security aspect. Closing the cover is achieved by using a harness to pull it shut.

This serves as the stepping stone towards automation, as it can be easily updated whenever needed. All that is required is the removal of the current device and the installation of the Hydraulic system and powerpack.

A V5 Handbook can be installed with any of the beforementioned choices (leading track– top system etc.).

Installation Options

This particular setup is specifically designed for rectangular swimming pools that have been recently constructed or are undergoing renovation. This requirement arises because the pocket profile with the under track needs to be installed beneath the coping tiles or decking. The mechanism is consistently placed in a concrete pit on the deep end of the pool. As optional extras, a vanishing lid system can be added to seamlessly blend with the pool’s surfaces, whether they are tiled or decked.

This option offers several benefits, including:

  1. Unobstructed Pool Area: The setup ensures that there are no obstructions around the pool area, providing a clean and spacious environment for swimmers and poolside activities.

  2. Aesthetically Pleasing: The system’s design doesn’t interfere with the overall aesthetics of the pool and its surroundings, preserving the beauty of the environment.

  3. Easy Maintenance: The setup allows for easy maintenance, making it convenient for pool owners to keep the pool area clean and well-maintained.

  4. Simple Upkeep: The system is easily maintained, reducing the effort and time required to keep it in good working condition.

In summary, this option offers a seamless and visually appealing solution while providing practical advantages in terms of maintenance and care.

If you are considering having some work done around your pool, this type of installation can be a suitable choice. The concept remains the same as described above, with the system placed in a pit located just below the deck level. The pit for the system needs to be constructed, and you have the option to choose either a wooden or polymer cover to conceal the pit. Additionally, you can decide whether to use the TOP (or flat) track, depending on your preferences and requirements. This setup provides flexibility and customization options to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

If you want to have some job done around your pool, you can choose this type of installation. The principle is the same as defined with the ‘under track– under system option’ except the system is positioned in the pit below the swimming pool level. The pit for the system should be constructed. Optional extras will be a disappearing lid system to fit the surfaces of your swimming pool (tiling, decking or steel).

Indeed, opting for this installation method offers several advantages, which include:

  1. Simple Installation: The process of setting up this system is straightforward and relatively easy. This can save time and reduce the complexity of the installation process.

  2. Easy Maintenance: The design of this installation allows for hassle-free maintenance. Access to the system is made easier due to its placement in the pit, enabling straightforward inspections and servicing as needed.

  3. Customizable Cover Options: With the choice between a wooden or polymer cover for the pit, you have the freedom to select the most suitable material that matches your aesthetic preferences and complements the overall look of the pool area.

  4. Enhanced Safety: Placing the system in a pit below the deck level helps create a safer environment around the pool, reducing the risk of tripping or accidents related to the cover system.

Overall, this option ensures a smooth installation process and facilitates convenient maintenance, ultimately providing a practical and user-friendly solution for your pool cover needs.

This setup is ideal for those who have an existing pool and wish to avoid extensive construction work around it. The track for the system is installed parallel to each other, positioned on top of the coping or decking. The mechanism itself is placed at the same level as the pool, ensuring a seamless appearance. The top (or flat) track can be utilized in this installation, and an additional benefit is that the device can be covered with a bench, providing a convenient seating area.

The advantages of choosing this setup include:

  1. Minimal Disruption: As it requires no major modifications to the pool area, this installation option minimizes any disruption to the existing landscape and surroundings.

  2. Aesthetic Integration: The track being positioned on top of the coping or decking helps integrate the cover system seamlessly into the pool’s design, preserving the overall aesthetic appeal.

  3. Functional Seating: The ability to cover the mechanism with a bench not only conceals the system when not in use but also offers practical seating space by the poolside.

  4. Easy Accessibility: With the mechanism at pool level, accessing and operating the cover becomes effortless and convenient.

Overall, this option is a practical and visually appealing solution for existing pool owners who desire a streamlined installation without extensive modifications.

Indeed, opting for this option offers several advantages, which include:

  1. Quick Installation: The setup’s design allows for a fast turn-around during the installation process. With minimal construction work required, you can have the cover system up and running in a shorter time frame.

  2. Efficient Maintenance: The straightforward design and accessibility of the system make maintenance tasks easier and less time-consuming. This helps in keeping the cover system in good working condition with minimal effort.

  3. Convenience: The ease of installation and maintenance translates to overall convenience for pool owners, allowing them to focus on enjoying their pool without unnecessary delays or complex upkeep routines.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: The reduced installation time and simplified maintenance can lead to cost savings, both in terms of labor and materials, making this option a budget-friendly choice.

  5. Aesthetically Pleasing: As mentioned before, the track’s position on top of the coping or decking helps maintain the pool’s visual appeal, adding to the overall attractiveness of the pool area.

Overall, the combination of quick setup and simple maintenance makes this option an efficient and practical choice for pool owners seeking an effective pool cover solution.

Exactly, this option is most suitable for new pool builds due to its convenience in implementing the pit during the initial construction phase. By planning the installation from the beginning, the pit can be seamlessly integrated into the pool’s design, ensuring a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing setup.

In this installation, the cover still operates on a track system, but one side of the track is mounted to the outside wall of the rim flow. This configuration allows for smooth movement of the cover across the pool’s surface while providing a secure attachment to the pool structure.

The advantages of choosing this option for new pool builds include:

  1. Seamless Integration: Planning the installation from the start ensures that the cover system is seamlessly integrated into the pool’s design, providing a clean and polished look.

  2. Optimal Efficiency: Building the pit during the construction phase reduces the need for additional work later on, streamlining the overall installation process.

  3. Enhanced Aesthetics: The track mounted to the outside wall of the rim flow maintains the pool’s visual appeal, as it does not interfere with the pool’s waterline and surrounding area.

  4. Long-term Functionality: By incorporating the cover system into the pool’s initial design, you ensure its proper functionality and durability, minimizing potential issues in the future.

Overall, this option offers a practical and visually appealing solution for new pool builds, enhancing the pool’s overall design and functionality.

Indeed, this option offers several advantages that contribute to an unobstructed and aesthetically pleasing pool area:

  1. No Obstructions: The installation’s design ensures there are no obstructions around the pool area. This creates a spacious and open environment, providing more room for swimmers and poolside activities.

  2. Uninterrupted Aesthetics: By mounting the track on the outside wall of the rim flow, the cover system seamlessly blends into the pool environment. It does not interfere with the pool’s waterline or surrounding aesthetics, preserving the pool’s overall beauty.

  3. Enhanced Pool Aesthetics: The lack of visible tracks or obtrusive elements adds to the pool’s visual appeal, enhancing its overall aesthetics and making it more attractive to the eye.

  4. Streamlined Rim Flow: The cover system’s design complements the rim flow of the pool, maintaining a smooth and streamlined look around the pool’s edges.

  5. Safety and Convenience: The absence of obstructions and the smooth operation of the cover system add to the safety and convenience of using the pool, creating a more enjoyable experience for pool owners and guests.

The PoolLock Hydraulic Vinyl Cover options are well-suited for free-form pools, whether they are newly built or already existing. As long as there is a flat surface around the pool and sufficient space to install the tracks on the paving, this option can be successfully implemented.

The installation process involves placing the track in parallel to each other on top of the coping or decking, while the cover mechanism itself is positioned at the same level as the pool. For this setup, the top (or flat) track is used, ensuring a smooth and seamless operation.

Additionally, the cover mechanism can be covered with a bench, providing a dual-purpose solution. Not only does it conceal the cover system when not in use, but it also serves as a practical seating area by the poolside.

The advantages of choosing this option for free-form pools include:

  1. Compatibility: This cover option is designed to work well with free-form pools, accommodating their irregular shapes and unique configurations.

  2. Minimal Impact on Aesthetics: The track’s placement on top of the coping or decking preserves the pool’s visual appeal, ensuring it blends harmoniously with the pool’s surroundings.

  3. Practical Seating: The addition of a bench covering the mechanism offers functional seating space, enhancing the pool area’s usability and comfort.

  4. Easy Operation: The hydraulic system makes opening and closing the cover effortless, adding to the overall convenience of maintaining the pool.

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