Pet & Child Safety Pool Cover

Pet & Child Safety Pool Cover

The child and pet saftey cover is supported by lightweight aluminum battens that are attached to the PVC cover. It has approximately 300mm overlap on all sides, and one end is secured with detachable anchor bolts, while the opposite end has ratchets to tighten the cover. Two people are required to operate it. Once removed and rolled-up, it can be easily stored without any construction needed. The cover is available in various colors to seamlessly blend with the outdoor living area. Its benefits include a simple design, ease of use, and durability.


Once the cover is pulled taut over the swimming pool, the downward force on the posts prevents any access, tampering, or attempts to release the cover by children and pets, thanks to the overlapping design. The cover is constructed using robust materials, including durable PVC (600-700 gsm), lightweight aluminum battens, and industrial-grade stainless steel cogs. It has the capacity to withstand a weight of up to 150 kg across its surface when properly secured.

The cover we provide is equipped with drain openings strategically placed between each pole. These openings serve the purpose of draining water that may accumulate on the cover, preventing any pooling or water buildup. This feature helps to maintain the cover’s effectiveness and ensures it remains lightweight and easy to handle, while also preventing any potential damage caused by excessive water weight.

Among your choices are fences and gates (a building code requirement in many communities), a pool cover, and an alarm that gives a warning.Pool covers. Designed to keep kids out, pool covers are probably the surest barrier if designed and used correctly

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for ToddlersNever leave your child alone.Fence in your pool.Install a secure gate.Invest in rescue gear.Keep your child within arm’s reach.Stay above the waterline.Don’t rely on floaties.Take swimming and CPR classes.

Create a Scavenger Hunt Start by leaving clues around the home that eventually lead everyone to the ultimate gift: the pool. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can use one of the gift ideas above to share the news, such as a framed picture or piece of pool equipment.”,,”Surprise Your Family with the Gift of a Pool | Paradise Pools & Spas”

Conclusion on effectiveness: pool covers are no effective measure in preventing children in drowning, some types of pool covers actually present a hazard for children some indications of potential danger.”,,”Pool covers to prevent drowning in children – EuroSafe”

The best baby swim vestsSwimbest UK Swim Jacket.Boglia Toddler Swim Vest.Gogokids Children Swim Vest.PROTAURI Kids Swim Vest.Gogokids Toddler Swimming Float Vest.Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest.Sevylor Puddle Jumper.Swimbubs Children’s Swim Jacket.7 days ago”,,”The best baby swim vests | Reviews”

“Start by rinsing off before entering the pool, using coconut oil and vitamin C spray, using nose plugs and goggles, and showering after your swim. Chlorine in swimming pools shouldn’t prevent you or your family from enjoying your summer holiday.”,,”Naturally Protect Your Family From Chlorine in Swimming Pools”

“You can use a sheet of plastic, but it will be very inconvenient and it will probably only last 1 to 2 seasons maximum. It’s best to use a cover designed specifically for swimming pools. They’re made of special materials, such as UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl.”,,”Swimming Pool Covers | Department of Energy”

“A tarp is an excellent option because it is inexpensive and easy to find. You can also use a heavy-duty canvas tarp if you want a more durable option. Another great material to use is vinyl.”,,”How To Build a DIY Pool Cover – Pool Research”

“A covered pool conserves water by losing less due to evaporation. This means you won’t be filling up your pool as often as you did when you were cover-less. If you live in a drought area, using less water is the smart way to go.”,,”10 Smart Reasons to Cover a Swimming Pool – The Spruce”

“Similarly, you can choose more modest clothes to wear in the water, such as a rash guard shirt, a onesie-style swimsuit, longer swim trunks, or even a dress-style suit. If anyone asks, you can always (honestly) say that the style you’ve chosen will help you protect your skin from sun damage.”,,”Hiding Self-Harm Scars in Swimsuit Season – HealthyPlace”

“Dark Blues, Greens and custom colors are available. These color choices are a great option if you have small children. It is a very visible color contrast that will help children recognize the distinct transition from pool deck to pool cover and hopefully help keep them off the cover.”,,”What color should my automatic pool cover fabric be? – Pool Pros”

“They can detract away from the appeal of your pool.Some types can be a hassle to use.You may not get proper coverage if your pool is another shape other than a standard rectangle.You need to store the roller.”,,”Pros & Cons of Swimming Pool Covers”

“Yes. Pool safety covers are designed to touch the surface of the water. Therefore, you should always ensure that the pool is always full when covered.”,,”Pool Safety Covers – FAQ – Poolarama Swimming Pools Ottawa”

“Draining Your Pool For lock in covers, drain to 15” below the coping. For water bags, safety covers, and above ground covers drain your water to 18” below the coping or top rails. If you do not have a suction control valve, use your vacuum or a submersible pump to lower the water.”,,”DIY Pool Closing Guide – Advice – Pioneer Family Pools Blog”

“If you let your water level drop too low, your cover will sag and become very heavy (the water in the pool that’s underneath the cover helps keep the cover afloat and taught). This is also why safety cover companies will void your warranty if the water level is too low (they know it damages the cover).”,,”How to Keep a Pool Cover From Sagging: Our Proven Guide”

“Your pool safety cover should be ‘drum tight’. If your cover is too loose, debris can get in and under the cover. A loose cover can also allow debris to collect on top, making it heavier and more difficult to remove in the spring.”,,”How Tight Should My Pool Winter Cover Be?”

“Whenever you see him go near the pool cover, use the command to call him over. It’s important you catch him every time. With persistence, he’ll know that if he goes to close to the pool cover he’ll only get called away. Make sure you keep giving him treats when he does come away.”,,”How to Train Your Dog to Stay Off a Pool Cover | Wag!”

“The important thing to make sure that a pool cover is able to hold that much weight is that it should float on the water and evenly distribute any weight that is put on it. Saying that, it is NOT ADVISABLE to stand or walk on the pool cover, however durable it is, except in cases of emergency.”,,”Safety Pool Covers in Sonoma – Can You Really Stand on It?”

“Lots of water accumulation on an above-ground pool cover can also put stress on the pool frame itself, which can be both dangerous and expensive. Additionally, you have to think about what will happen to all that stagnant water if you do leave it on the cover for a while—especially in winter.”,,”Here’s Why You Need to Keep Water Off Your Pool Cover”

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