Say Hello to Money Savings: How Swimming Pool Covers Can Save You Big on Chemicals and Energy

Did you know the average pool owner spends a hefty sum annually on chemicals and energy? It’s true, but there’s a secret to slashing these costs: Swimming pool covers. These ingenious inventions are not just about pool safety; they’re a savvy investment that keeps your swimming pool pristine while saving you money.

At Designer’s Pool Covers, we specialize in quality pool solutions that protect your pool and pocket. Dive into our world of solid safety covers and solar pool innovations to discover how we can extend your swimming season and bring you peace of mind. 

Don’t just take our word for it; explore more about us and see how our covers transform your pool experience.

Swimming Pool Covers

Why does pool maintenance cost so much?

Maintaining a swimming pool can often feel like a balancing act, especially when it comes to managing costs. The key pain points that contribute to high maintenance expenses are evaporation, the sun’s impact, and the constant battle against debris.

Evaporation is a major culprit in the loss of pool water and chemicals. It’s an invisible process that can drain your swimming pool, requiring frequent refills which, in turn, demand more chemicals to maintain the delicate balance of your pool’s ecosystem. This is particularly noticeable during the swimming season, when the sun beats down, increasing the rate of water evaporation and the need to reduce water loss.

The sun’s rays, while inviting for swimmers, have a detrimental effect on pool water chemistry. Ultraviolet light breaks down chlorine, the chemical that keeps your pool clean and free from harmful bacteria. This breakdown not only reduces the effectiveness of chlorine but also promotes algae growth, which can turn your pool into a green mess if not addressed promptly. This means more chemicals and more energy are needed to keep your swimming pool in swim-ready condition.

Debris woes add another layer of complexity to pool maintenance. Leaves and other debris not only detract from the beauty of your pool but also consume more chemicals and take time to clean. This is where swimming pool covers can be a game-changer. By keeping debris out of the pool, a pool cover helps maintain the chemical balance, reducing the need for additional filtration and chemical treatments.

In summary, understanding the challenges of evaporation, the sun’s impact, and debris is crucial for any pool owner looking to manage maintenance costs effectively. Swimming pool covers are a simple yet effective solution to these problems, offering a way to protect your pool, save money, and enjoy peace of mind throughout the swimming season.

How do swimming pool covers save you money?

Investing in a pool cover can lead to substantial savings, both financially and in maintenance efforts. Here’s how:

Chemical Savings:

A pool cover significantly reduces water evaporation, which is a primary cause of chemical loss in swimming pools. By keeping the pool water covered, the need for frequent chemical top-ups is diminished, leading to an impressive 30-60% savings on chemicals. This is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, as it lessens the chemical demand.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Heat Retention: Pool covers act as insulators for your swimming pool, trapping heat energy and maintaining water temperature. This means you can reduce the use of heaters, which can slash your energy bills by a staggering 50-70%. A warmer pool without the extra cost is a win-win.
  • Less Pump Time: With a pool cover in place, leaves and other debris are kept out of the pool water, resulting in cleaner water. This means your filtration system doesn’t have to work as hard, saving on electricity and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Reduced Maintenance: 

Pool covers prevent dirt and debris from entering the pool, which means less cleaning and skimming are required. This not only saves time but also reduces the need for additional chemicals to maintain water quality.

So, a pool cover is an investment that pays for itself through chemical savings, energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance. It’s a simple solution that keeps your swimming pool clean and warm, extends the swimming season, and provides peace of mind knowing you’re saving money while also protecting your pool.

Whether you opt for a solar pool cover, a solid safety cover, or an automatic pool cover, the benefits are clear. So, cover up and enjoy the savings!

Swimming Pool Covers

Investment vs. Savings

Investing in a pool cover may seem like an additional expense, but it’s a decision that pays dividends in the long run. The upfront cost of a pool cover can vary, typically ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand South African Rand (ZAR), depending on the size of the pool, type of cover, and features like automatic pool covers or solar pool covers. For instance, a PVC pool cover might cost around ZAR 6,000 for an average-sized pool, while a solid safety cover could be upwards of ZAR 30,000 for larger pool shapes.

However, the real value of a pool cover comes from its ability to save you money over time. By reducing water evaporation, maintaining water temperature, and keeping dirt and debris out, pool covers help significantly lower the costs associated with pool water maintenance.

Let’s break down the savings:


Without a cover, swimming pools can lose chemicals through evaporation, which means more frequent and costly replenishment. A pool cover can reduce chemical usage by up to 35-60%, translating to a saving of approximately ZAR 1,000 to ZAR 1,500 annually.


Heat loss is another major expense for pool owners. A pool cover acts as an insulator, keeping your pool water warmer for longer. This means less energy is required to heat the pool, leading to energy bill savings of up to 50-70%. For a heated pool in Cape Town or Johannesburg, this could mean an annual saving of ZAR 2,000 to ZAR 3,000.


Water evaporation is not just a waste of a precious resource; it also means refilling your pool more often. A pool cover can prevent evaporation by 90-95%, which could save you up to ZAR 500 in water bills each swimming season.

In summary, while the initial investment for a pool cover might seem steep, the long-term savings on chemicals, energy, and water make it a wise choice. With a pool cover, you’re looking at a potential total annual savings of between ZAR 3,500 and ZAR 5,000.

Over the lifespan of the cover, which can be several years, these savings can add up to more than the cost of the cover itself, making it a smart financial decision for pool owners. Plus, the added benefits of pool safety and child safety are invaluable. So, say hello to money savings with a pool cover—your wallet and your swimming pool will thank you.

Additional Money-Saving Benefits of Pool Covers:

Money Saving Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers


What is the Best Material to Cover a Swimming Pool?

The best material to cover a swimming pool is a high-quality pool cover made of durable materials such as vinyl, PVC, or polyethylene. These materials are effective at preventing water evaporation, reducing chemical usage, and retaining heat, ultimately saving you money on maintenance and energy costs.

Is it Better to have a Pool Cover or not?

It is better to have a pool cover. Pool covers help reduce water evaporation, which in turn lowers the need for chemical treatments and heating, saving you money on both chemicals and energy costs. Additionally, covers keep debris out of the pool, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.

To Conclude

Investing in a pool cover is a smart move for any pool owner. Not only does it reduce water evaporation and heat loss, but it also keeps leaves and debris out of the pool, maintaining a warmer pool temperature and saving you money on energy and chemicals.

A solid safety cover provides peace of mind by preventing children from falling into the water, ensuring pool safety. As the swimming season approaches, remember that a pool cover helps extend it by keeping your pool water warm.

Ready to protect your pool and pocket? Invest in a pool cover today and start enjoying a cleaner, more cost-effective pool experience! For top-quality pool covers, visit Designer’s Pool Covers and explore our range of cover solutions. Let us help you find the perfect cover to fit the shape and size of your pool.

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