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Keeping your pool clean and safe can be a challenging task in Johannesburg. Did you know that we, Designer Pool Covers supply designer automatic pool covers and we have Cape Town, George and KZN branches, with our main pool covers office in the city? This blog post will guide you through different types of pool covers available, their benefits, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Read on to make your pool maintenance much easier!

Key Takeaways

  • Pool covers in Johannesburg are essential for keeping your pool clean and safe.
  • There are different types of pool covers available, including solid PVC covers, thermal covers, safety covers, and automatic covers.
  • Pool covers offer benefits such as energy savings, reduced evaporation and water loss, improved safety for children and pets, and decreased maintenance and cleaning.
  • When choosing a pool cover in Johannesburg, consider factors like pool size and shape, specific needs (such as safety or energy efficiency), and research reputable suppliers for quality products.

Types of Pool Covers

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There are various types of pool covers available, including solid PVC covers, thermal covers, safety covers, and automatic covers.

Solid PVC covers

Solid PVC covers are great for your pool. These covers stop water from leaving the pool. They also keep out dirt, leaves and bugs. Made of strong fabric and coated with PVC, they don’t get damaged by sun or rot due to fungi.

The cover fits perfectly over your pool thanks to aluminum rods fixed on it that make it easy to use. Brands like Powerplastics sell these types of covers for pools.

Thermal covers

Thermal covers for pools are great in Johannesburg. They cut down evaporation by more than 98%. These covers act like thermal barriers. This means they stop heat from going out and water from drying up.

It’s a smart way to keep pool water warm.

Thermal covers do more good things too. They block dirt and stuff that makes the pool dirty. So, your pool stays clean longer. You also save water as you don’t need to fill the pool often.

This makes them an awesome choice amongst other types of pool covers.

Safety covers

Safety covers are key to pool safety. They offer a strong, solid barrier that stops children and pets from falling into the water. These covers can be made of tough PVC or have aluminum poles for extra strength.

One top South African company for these covers is Aqua-Net. Their range includes many great options like the Solid Safety Cover and the Aqua-Net cover. Each type comes with its own pros and cons.

For example, some might be difficult to put on or take off, while others could cost more but offer better safety features.

Automatic covers

Automatic covers are a popular type of pool cover. They are stylish and easy to use. You can open and close them with just a push of a button. Some automatic covers, like the Starline Roldeck, stand out for their sleek design.

The GeoRolla is another good option because it’s not too expensive. Automatic safety covers keep your pool safe when no one is swimming in it. Firms like Designer Pool Covers in Johannesburg sell these useful items for pools, including vinyl ones that look great and slatted types that roll up neatly onto themselves.

The Relevance of Swimming Pool Covers in Gauteng

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Pool covers in Gauteng are very important. They stop dirt and waste from falling into the pool water. By doing this, they make sure the pool is clean and safe to use. Not only do they keep out rubbish, but these covers can also cut down on how much you need to filter your pool by half! This means you save money.

But it’s not just about keeping pools clean or saving cash. Pool covers add another layer of safety for people living in Gauteng houses – especially families with pets or young kids.

These handy items can stop any tragic falls into a deep pool when no one is watching out for them. That’s why many homes find that having a cover over their swimming area makes sense.

Pool covers come in many forms like solid PVC ones that last longer than most other types. You can choose one that fits your own unique needs in Gauteng! So not only do they offer lots of good stuff like cleanliness and safety, but these great tools help show off the style of your home too!

Benefits of Pool Covers in Johannesburg

Pool covers in Johannesburg offer a range of benefits, including energy savings, reduced evaporation and water loss, improved safety for children and pets, and decreased maintenance and cleaning.

Energy savings

Pool covers in Johannesburg bring big energy savings. By slowing evaporation, they cut down the power needed for filtration. They also lessen water loss from evaporation leading to lower electricity bills.

Solar blankets or covers can bump up pool temperature by 4-8 degrees too, which means less heating is required! So not only do you save power and money but you are also helping conserve resources.

Reduced evaporation and water loss

Pool covers in Johannesburg help save water. They stop up to 98% of water from turning into vapour. This is called evaporation prevention. Less water gets lost this way, leading to big water savings.

The pool cover keeps the sun away from the pool, which helps as well. Pools lose a lot of water in hot weather but a good cover stops that loss. Slatted automatic pool covers are great at blocking out heat and keeping more water inside the pool.

Stable water levels also mean less time and effort spent on filling up and taking care of your pool!

Improved safety for children and pets

Swimming pool covers in Johannesburg provide improved safety for children and pets. One example is the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, which is designed to prevent child and pet drowning.

It has aluminum battens for support and an overlapping design on all sides. This tamperproof cover serves as a physical barrier, keeping children and pets safe from accidental falls into the pool.

With such safety measures in place, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are protected.

Reduced maintenance and cleaning

Having a pool cover in Johannesburg comes with the benefit of reduced maintenance and cleaning. A well-maintained pool cover can save you time by cutting down on tasks like filter cleaning and vacuuming the pool floor.

It helps to keep dirt, debris, and suspended particles out of the water, making it easier to maintain cleanliness. By preventing these pollutants from entering your pool, you’ll also be able to reduce chemical usage and decrease the additional cost of cleaning products.

This results in a more cost-effective and time-saving solution for keeping your pool clean and well-maintained over time.

Choosing the Right Pool Cover

Consider pool size, shape, and specific needs to find the perfect pool cover. Read on to discover how you can make the right choice for your swimming pool in Johannesburg.

Consider pool size and shape

When choosing a pool cover, it is important to consider the size and shape of your pool. The dimensions of your swimming pool and the options for pool shapes will play a role in determining the right cover for you.

Additionally, factors such as backyard space and specific needs like safety or energy efficiency should be taken into account. Researching reputable suppliers and installation services can also help ensure that you find the best pool cover option for your needs.

Designer Pool Covers offers expert advice on selecting the appropriate pool size and material options, making it easier for you to make an informed decision. Remember to consider these factors when choosing a pool cover in Johannesburg or anywhere else in South Africa.

Determine specific needs (safety, energy efficiency, etc.)

To choose the right pool cover in Johannesburg, it’s important to consider your specific needs. Safety is a top priority, especially if you have children or pets around. You also want a cover that will help with energy efficiency, reducing costs and conserving resources.

Think about factors like water usage reduction, heat retention, and evaporation prevention when making your decision. It’s worth researching reputable suppliers and installation services to ensure you get a high-quality pool cover that meets all your requirements.

Research reputable suppliers and installation services

When choosing the right pool cover for your pool in Johannesburg, it’s important to research reputable suppliers and installation services. One reliable supplier is Aqua-Net, known for their high-quality pool covers and nets in South Africa.

Another reputable option is PowerPlastics Pool Covers, the oldest supplier of pool covers in the country. They offer a range of covers including thermal covers, safety covers, and fully automatic covers.

For seamless installation of automatic pool covers, Designer Pool Covers specializes in providing trusted installation services. It’s essential to choose trustworthy suppliers and professional installation services to ensure you get durable pool covers that meet your specific needs.

Are Pool Covers in Johannesburg as Effective as Automatic Pool Covers in South Africa?

In Johannesburg, safeguarding pools from debris and evaporation is crucial. Topquality automatic pool covers offer an effective solution, matching the performance of standard automatic pool covers across South Africa. Their robust design withstands harsh weather, ensuring pools remain clean and heat-retention optimized all year round.


In conclusion, pool covers are essential for pool owners in Johannesburg. They offer energy savings, improved safety, and reduced maintenance. By choosing the right pool cover and considering specific needs, such as safety or energy efficiency, residents can enjoy the benefits of a covered pool all year round.

Trustworthy suppliers like PowerPlastics Pool Covers and Aqua-net are available to provide quality products in Gauteng. So make sure to invest in a reliable pool cover to protect your pool and enjoy its advantages for years to come.

What Companies Offer Pool Covers in Johannesburg?

Looking for pool covers options in johannesburg? Several companies in the area offer a wide selection of pool covers to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for safety covers, solar covers, or winter covers, these companies can provide you with the right solution. Protect and maintain your pool with high-quality covers from reputable companies in Johannesburg.


1. What is the purpose of a pool cover?

A pool cover is used to keep the pool clean, reduce evaporation, maintain water temperature, and prevent accidents.

2. How does a pool cover work?

A pool cover works by creating a barrier over the surface of the water, preventing debris from entering and reducing evaporation through insulation.

3. Can I install a pool cover myself?

Yes, you can install a pool cover yourself with proper instructions and guidance. However, seeking professional installation ensures proper fitting for maximum effectiveness.

4. Are there different types of pool covers available in Johannesburg?

Yes, there are various types of pool covers available in Johannesburg such as solid covers, mesh covers, automatic covers, and solar covers.

5. Where can I purchase a quality pool cover in Johannesburg?

There are several stores and suppliers in Johannesburg that offer quality pool covers such as local home improvement stores or specialized swimming pool equipment retailers

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